Lush haul ft. Valentines collection

So, as you all know, I am fully fledged Lush addict. So when I saw the valentines collection, I OBV ran to lush, again, to sample it all! 

How pretty are these products! They’re almost too pretty to use… but not quite. 

First up, we have the Lover Lamp bathbomb. This contains cocoa butter, vanilla, and orange oil, making it smell like a chocolate orange dream. As they bath bomb fizzes, it releases big cocoa butter hearts, as well as smaller glitter hearts that make your bath look so inviting! It’s super moisturising, and leaves your skin feel super silky smooth! 

Next, we have the Love Spell massage bar. Containing cocoa butter, rose syrup and carnation absolute. It also has soothing aloe Vera gel, as well as neroli and lemon oil to uplift you. It’s a super floral and flirty smell, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day! As with all of the massage bar, it melts at body temperature and leaves your skin feeling incredibly nourished. 

Next we have the Sunkissed lip tint. This lip balm smells INCREDIBLE, and instantly makes me want to go on holiday. Containing banana, oatmeal, almond oil and lavander, it really does nourish your lips as well as look after them! The only problem is, this swatches a lovely brown/pink shimmer shade, it looks the perfect shade for me. But on the lips it is so pale! It completely washes me out and makes me not want to reach for it. Cry cry. 

Last but not least, we have the Big conditioner bar. The partner to the shampoo that I LOVE, this product smells unreal. It contains sea salt, seaweed and lemon and lime, and it really does make your hair soft, manageable and incredibly shiny. The smell also lingers in the hair for the longest time, which I absolutely love. I rate this so much more than The Plumps, which I reviewed a few days ago. I would highly recommend this for us tangly hair girls! 

Overall, as always, I am in love with all of these lush products! I’m just so sad that the colour of the lip balm doesn’t suit me! Cryyyyy. What do you think of the valentines collection? 

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6 thoughts on “Lush haul ft. Valentines collection

  1. Hello there fellow Lush addict. I ran to the store too and instantly bought the Over & Over bath bomb, but it wasn’t really for me. I was debating if I should be the Lover Lamp but wasn’t sure, but now I definitely want it. Loving that choc/orange combo. Loving your pictures by the way, big fan of glitter over here haha.

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