L’Oréal limited edition Beauty and the Beast lipstick review 

Whenever something gets released as limited edition, I always miss it, without fail. It happened with the MAC Cinderella collection, the Mariah Carey collection, and the original release on the Sweet Peach palette. So when I heard about the latest limited edition collection, I decided to put my foot down and make sure I didn’t miss out again! 

For the new Beauty and the Beast film, L’Oréal have released 6 colour riche lipsticks that are inspired by some of the characters in the film. We have Belle, The Beast, The Enchanted Rose, Lumiere, Mrs Potts, Cogsworth and Fifi (the feather duster. I decided to get The Beast, Lumiere and Fifi! 

So these lipsticks are true to the Colour Riche formulas, a glossy lipstick with buildable pigmentation. One thing that I was disappointed about with these lipsticks, was that they aren’t limited edition shades, just normal shades repackaged. Despite that, I love the colours and the lightweight glossy texture make them great for every day wear. 

The Beast packaging has a sort of denim feel to it, and Fifi has a velvet texture. Lumiere is a classic smooth tube. All of these colours are shades that I reach for daily, making these shades perfect for me.

Overall, the main attraction about this product is definitely the packaging. They’re so pretty and will look so great amongst my other lipsticks! I’m pretty sure this collection is sold out now, but if you wanted some – head over to the Italian amazon and see if there are any left! 

What do you think of this collection? 

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4 thoughts on “L’Oréal limited edition Beauty and the Beast lipstick review 

  1. Wow this is amazing!!! I would have never known about these if it weren’t for your post. These lipsticks look so pretty! I wish I could see the colors and packaging of the others.

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