My hair transformation: from dark brown to copper 

Recently, I changed my hair quite drastically. For my whole life, I’ve always had very dark hair. I’ve had ombres, and I’ve dyed it dark purple, but I’ve never been lighter than dark brown.  My friends have always called me … Continue reading

Benefit’s Dolly Darling Christmas set review 

Christmas is right around the corner, and one of my favourite things about this time of year is the gift sets beauty brands come out with. Not only are they super cute gifts for your loved ones, but they often … Continue reading

Fairy good products: mini lush haul 

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… Which means it’s also time to cover ourselves in glitter and delightful Christmas scents!  On my latest trip to Lush, I picked up two fairy-esc products. This was a complete coinicidence, but … Continue reading

Testing the trends: Fake freckles 

I’ve been seeing the fake freckles trend pretty much everywhere at the moment. James Charles, an insta famous (you can find him @JamesCharles) makeup artist and, not to mention, the first male Covergirl absolutely rocks this look. I loved how … Continue reading

The Lord of Lush 

I am completely obsessed with the Lord of Misrule range from Lush. It is by far my favourite scent ever out of any of the Lush products I’ve used, so much so that I’ve stocked up on the bath bombs … Continue reading

Halloween MOTD ft Jeffree Star, NYX and more 

Last night, my besties and I went out to celebrate my birthday. As my birthday is 2 days before Halloween, we decided to do fancy dress. Our theme this year was under the sea, so I decided to go as … Continue reading