L’Oréal limited edition Beauty and the Beast lipstick review 

Whenever something gets released as limited edition, I always miss it, without fail. It happened with the MAC Cinderella collection, the Mariah Carey collection, and the original release on the Sweet Peach palette. So when I heard about the latest … Continue reading

Feeling squeaky clean: Lush haul and review

I’m obsessed with Lush. But, to be fair, who isn’t? I had a little bit of money gifted to me by my family for Christmas, so of course, I ran to Lush as quick as my little legs would carry … Continue reading

The glow up: The Body Shop Himalayan Glow Mask review 

I love a good face mask. I find them so relaxing, and it’s a great, quick and easy way to treat yourself at home.As part of my The Body Shop advent Calendar (full review here), I received the Himalayan Charcoal … Continue reading

Review: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palettes 

For Christmas, 90% of my presents were make up. I think it’s fair to say that my family know about and encourage my cosmetics addiction!  Out of some of my gifts, my boyfriend got me th Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty … Continue reading

Wearable Christmas MOTD ft. Too Faced, Topshop and more 

I’ve been feeling extra festive lately, so I decided to create a Christmas MOTD. I’ve seen a few make up looks that involve green and red glitters, candy cane lips, and metallic freckles, which led me to want to create … Continue reading

Hot or Not: Primark anti-ageing skin care 

I’m a huge Primark fan. Lately, I think they’ve really upped their game – the clothes are keeping up with the latest trends, the jeans are bomb and they have unlimited amounts of cute socks. What’s not to like?  I’ve … Continue reading

My hair transformation: from dark brown to copper 

Recently, I changed my hair quite drastically. For my whole life, I’ve always had very dark hair. I’ve had ombres, and I’ve dyed it dark purple, but I’ve never been lighter than dark brown.  My friends have always called me … Continue reading